Special Workshops with Rael Isacowitz

July 7-8th, 2012 Grand Cevahir Hotel, Istanbul

Mat Classes (90 min.) with Pilates Master Rael Isacowitz

Day 1;

Mat Work Class with Rael Isacowitz


Shoulder Mechanics, Functional Movement and the Pilates Repertoire

An Upper Girdle Extravaganza! This workshop addresses shoulder function using all the apparatus, including the revolutionary Avalon System®.  It is devoted to understanding and implementing correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle using the Pilates repertoire. Appropriate mechanics and immaculate control of the shoulder are essential, particularly when performing the higher-level work. The constant involvement of the shoulder region in everyday activities highlights the importance of the upper girdle and the potential problems emanating from it. Shoulder-related problems are among those most frequently reported by clients, and cues relating to the shoulders are among the most commonly used by Pilates teachers. This subject is one that needs to be addressed, learned and re-learned on a regular basis.

Day 2;

Mat Work Class with Rael Isacowitz


Positive Biomechanical Concepts Transform into Negative Movement Patterns

Science offers new information continuously, or in many instances substantiates old theories. This allows movement professionals to better their systems, better teaching methods, and most importantly better outcomes. Yet it has become apparent that at times, with all good intention, this information is implemented either incorrectly or taken to the extreme creating a new set of problems. This workshop will explore this phenomenon and delve into several examples of common problems that have evolved from good movement concepts. This workshop will offer concrete guidelines for positive outcomes.

- 2 days workshop price 550$ +VAT (2 days of mat work classes included)

- 1 days workshop price 325$ +VAT (1 day of mat work classes included)

- Mat Class (90 in.) with Rael Isacowitz 50$ +VAT

Topics will include:

• The use of neutral spine and neutral pelvis

• Interpreting “locking” the joints

• Placement of the head

• The importance of the hip flexor group

• Finding the balance between stabilization and mobilization


Rael Isacowitz – CEO / Creator / Founder of BASI Pilates®


Rael Isacowitz is a teacher of teachers and is recognized internationally as a leading expert in the Pilates method, having lectured and taught in universities, colleges, clinics and studios world-wide. He receivedhis teaching credentials and Bachelor of Education degree in Israel, at the prestigious Wingate Instituteof Physical Education, and his Master of Arts degree in Dance at the University of Surrey, England.

In 1989, Rael established Body Arts and Science International® (BASI Pilates®) as a means of preservingthe legacy of Joseph and Clara Pilates, while complementing their method with contemporary scientific knowledge. Under his guidance, BASI Pilates® has become a world leader in Pilates education.

Rael has published widely, including “Pilates”, the authoritative book on the method and his latest book, “Pilates Anatomy”. He has served on the Board of the Pilates Method Alliance® and has beena driving force in several initiatives advocating educational standards in the Pilates community.With a rich background as a dancer, athlete, yogi and Pilates practitioner,Rael brings to his teaching unparalleled expertise, combined with a passion for his work.